Supercoolers, is a west coast environmental company headquartered in Victoria BC. We specialize in state of the art products that reflect the demands of today's health conscious consumers. Our product line specializes in Filtered Pure Water Systems, We specialize in one of the top rated Pure Filtered Water Systems in North America today. Our Filters are manufactured by Everpure, one of the leading Filtration companies in North America. Our Water Coolers are proudly Canadian Designed and Filters are made in the USA.

About Our Service

The owners have structured Supercoolers so that the customer gets prompt and professional installation of top of the line equipment and then, on an ongoing basis, exceptional customer service. The best equipment on the market today and top-flight customer service: no wonder Supercoolers is the fastest growing pure filtered water company in Western Canada. An added advantage with Supercooler products is the availability of our exclusive ENVIRO-LEASING program which provides competitive leasing rates on all our products. This allows our clients to get the best products at the most competitive rates.

Supercoolers' service on lease generally includes:

  • More environmentally friendly
  • Complete cooler/filtration installation
  • Sanitizing whole water system
  • Cleaning of cooler’s exterior appearance and interior parts
  • Checking efficiency of the system
  • Filter replacement up to two filters per year

Bottleless coolers benefit:

  • No storage of full or empty bottles required
  • No lifting or spilling of heavy, awkward bottles
  • Never run out of water
  • Save money (1 filter is the same as approximately 79 bottles but only costs the same as 12)
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Guaranteed quality water
  • System can be connected to a fridge for ice/water, To save money on having to replace your fridge filter

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